• We encounter Christ at Mass in the Bread and Wine
  • Everyone is welcome for Mass - even the Children.
  • Ours is a Church of Love, Peace and Hope.
  • Our Church is a universal Church. It is the Catholic Church.
  • Our People Trek Long Distances to come for Mass
  • And once at Mass, we dance and praise our Lord Jesus
  • We Worship and Adore Him for He alone is God.
  • During Mass, we also offer our gifts to God in thanksgiving
  • We sing and shout for the Lord for He set us free. Alleluia!!
  • Our Diocese is led by Our Bishop - Rt.Rev Bihsop Callist
  • Assisted by committed, determined and faithful Priests
  • We are inspired by the Uganda Martyrs - Our Heroes!
  • During mass, everyone participates- even the Children.
  • Our Motto and Prayer - "Father, May Your Kingdom Come."


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Technical / Vocational Institutions

1.    Bukinda Vocational Training School
P. O Box 724

2.    Kaara Vocational School
P. O Box 742

3.    Maziba Homecraft School
P. O Box 677

4.    Ndama Polytechnical School
P. O Box 151

5.    Rubanda Technical School
P. O Box 689

6.    Rushasha Polytechnical School
P. O Box 50

7.    Rutooma Vocational Training Centre
P. O Box 40

8.    Uganda Martyrs’ Polytechnic Institute, Nyarushanje
P.O.Box 640

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