• We encounter Christ at Mass in the Bread and Wine
  • Everyone is welcome for Mass - even the Children.
  • Ours is a Church of Love, Peace and Hope.
  • Our Church is a universal Church. It is the Catholic Church.
  • Our People Trek Long Distances to come for Mass
  • And once at Mass, we dance and praise our Lord Jesus
  • We Worship and Adore Him for He alone is God.
  • During Mass, we also offer our gifts to God in thanksgiving
  • We sing and shout for the Lord for He set us free. Alleluia!!
  • Our Diocese is led by Our Bishop - Rt.Rev Bihsop Callist
  • Assisted by committed, determined and faithful Priests
  • We are inspired by the Uganda Martyrs - Our Heroes!
  • During mass, everyone participates- even the Children.
  • Our Motto and Prayer - "Father, May Your Kingdom Come."


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Rushoroza Health Community


The Health Unit Management and Staff of Rushoroza Health Centre wish to congratulate you on your Golden Jubilee. Fifty years is a long journey indeed but a journey of Faith enriched with experiences of the unending Love and faithfulness of God to his people and this is worth celebrating!

Our excitement as a Health centre for this Golden Jubilee stems from the relationship we share with Kabale Diocese by which we were born.We are indebted to the Missionaries of Africa who, prompted by Malaria and other diseases of the time, started sharing some of the medicines they had brought for themselves with the Christians. Eventually people got to know that there was medicine and came in big numbers for Health care. A small room was set aside where health care services were delivered with special attention to women and children.  Overwhelmed by the numbers that needed Health care, an idea of expanding the Health Centre was conceived and this idea was implemented and gave birth to Rushoroza Dispensary. As years went by, Rushoroza Dispensary became Rushoroza Health Centre and was moved to Mukirwa Village along Katuna road where we are situated now.

Rushoroza Health Centre has grown from its humble beginnings and has been accredited by UCMB and is registered by Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners. We have 19 medical 11 non-medical staff members making a total of 30. We have an inpatient and Out-patient departments, Medical and Surgical ward, MCH department and a Surgical Theatre where a number of major and minor surgical procedures are carried out. The Health Centre has a laboratory with up-to-date equipment like a CBC machine and a Chemistry Analyzer among others capable of carrying out a number of tests. The Health Centre has expanded her wings of service delivery to the Community through immunization, Maternal/Child Health care and School Health Programs. Thus, as a medical team we join the Catholic Community of Kabale Diocese in living the Synod theme of “Re-awakening Our Catholic Identity…” by showing compassion to all especially to the sick, offering them hope and quality care. We are privileged to have the Eucharist every Wednesday and Sunday which nourishes our Faith and strengthens our zeal to serve with Love.

We are aware that we are standing on the shoulders of so many stakeholders who served this Health Centre diligently to make it what it is today. To these, we give special thanks. We are very grateful for the support from the Diocese which has continued to nurture us.The diocese, together with our collaboration with the Local government strengthen us and give us hope that we shall continue to grow and offer quality care to all people especially the poor and marginalized of our society.

To those who wish to join us in developing Rushoroza Health Centre, you are most welcome.

Wishing you   Joyful celebrations.

“We Treat and God Heals”

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