• We encounter Christ at Mass in the Bread and Wine
  • Everyone is welcome for Mass - even the Children.
  • Ours is a Church of Love, Peace and Hope.
  • Our Church is a universal Church. It is the Catholic Church.
  • Our People Trek Long Distances to come for Mass
  • And once at Mass, we dance and praise our Lord Jesus
  • We Worship and Adore Him for He alone is God.
  • During Mass, we also offer our gifts to God in thanksgiving
  • We sing and shout for the Lord for He set us free. Alleluia!!
  • Our Diocese is led by Our Bishop - Rt.Rev Bihsop Callist
  • Assisted by committed, determined and faithful Priests
  • We are inspired by the Uganda Martyrs - Our Heroes!
  • During mass, everyone participates- even the Children.
  • Our Motto and Prayer - "Father, May Your Kingdom Come."




To His Lordship Bishop Callist Rubaramira,
Bishop of the Diocese of Kabale,
the Clergy, Consecrated Men and Women,
and the Lay Faithful,
Peace be with you.

As the Diocese of Kabale has reached the milestone of celebrating its Fiftieth Anniversary, I have the privilege to write to you in the name of His Holiness Pope Francis.

As we rejoice in the Lord’s Providence for establishing the Diocese, we rejoice in the Jubilee Year of Mercy and thank our loving God for the visible sign of his loving tenderness that the Diocese, its People and Institutions, are called to be.


God’s mercy guides us by his Word of Truth and keeps us on the “narrow path” (see Matt. 7:13-14 ) that leads to  life through the preaching and witness of the People of God. As we thank God for this Fiftieth Jubilee, may His mercy help us be aware of the constant effort needed to nourish the Diocese and its mission, particularly through its  “Domestic  Churches”,  its  Catholic  Families.  We  praise  God  that  strong  and  Christ-centered  families  have  been the “living stones” (see 1 Pet. 2 , 14-15) of the Diocese from the beginning. They have likewise always been the support of the selfless labor of catechists since the beginning and will be indispensable for the years to come.

They have furthermore sustained the efforts of so many generous and heroic Catholics, who, in a great variety of ways and with much generosity, have contributed to the Diocese for these past fifty years.

We  know,  however,  that  the  Christian  family  today  suffers  violence  from  powerful  influences  coming  both  from  outside Uganda and from within. Do not cease to pray the Holy Spirit for the wisdom and courage to correct worldly “traditions” of recent origin that endanger marriage in Christ, leaving couples indebted for years or even unable  to  embrace  it.  In  this  Jubilee  Year  of  Mercy,  we  do  well  to  ponder  Mark  7,  8-9  and  the  Holy  Father’s  
Apostolic Exhortation on marriage and family, The Joy of Love, which is a gift to the church in this Jubilee Year  of Mercy.

The  strong  faith  of  courageous  Christian  families  is  the  best  way  to  maintain  our  Catholic  identity  and  not  be  blown  about  by  many  harmful  winds  (see  Matt,  7,25)  that  want  to  reduce  our  faith  to  what  “feels  good”  and  is  socially  acceptable,  but  that  make  us  “enemies  of  the  cross  of  Christ”  (Phil.  3,18).  Remain  built  on  Christ  and  the  solid  foundation  of  communion  with  the  Successor  of  Peter  (see  Matt.  16,18)  and  his  profession  of  faith.  
Dear Catholics of Kabale, be “eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace (Eph.4,3) with your Bishop in prayer and love. Heed the call of Pope Francis to become a Church of true Missionary Disciples (see The Joy of the Gospel, nn.119-121), carrying the Gospel of mercy to all who need to experience it whether they are close or far.

With these intentions in mind and heart, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, bestows on all the members of the Church in Kabale his Apostolic Blessing as pledge of God’s grace to accompany you into the next fifty years of your sacred mission.

Kampala, July 31st, 2016

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