• We encounter Christ at Mass in the Bread and Wine
  • Everyone is welcome for Mass - even the Children.
  • Ours is a Church of Love, Peace and Hope.
  • Our Church is a universal Church. It is the Catholic Church.
  • Our People Trek Long Distances to come for Mass
  • And once at Mass, we dance and praise our Lord Jesus
  • We Worship and Adore Him for He alone is God.
  • During Mass, we also offer our gifts to God in thanksgiving
  • We sing and shout for the Lord for He set us free. Alleluia!!
  • Our Diocese is led by Our Bishop - Rt.Rev Bihsop Callist
  • Assisted by committed, determined and faithful Priests
  • We are inspired by the Uganda Martyrs - Our Heroes!
  • During mass, everyone participates- even the Children.
  • Our Motto and Prayer - "Father, May Your Kingdom Come."



Bishop's Annual Appeal Fund

Bishop's Annual Appeal Fund


BAAF is Bishop’s Annual Appeal Fund. It is an annual activity of raising funds for supporting Diocesan Projects. This appeal started in 2008 with a study tour of Kampala Archdiocese where a similar fundraising effort (SAAF – Ssabasumba Annual Appeal Fund) was already in place for some years. The first fundraising was held in 2009.


  1. 2009 – 2013: Construction of a Commercial Building on Plot 10 Mbarara Road, Kabale town.

    2009-2013 Commercial Building on Plot 10 Mbarara Road, Kabale Town

  2. 2014: There was no BAAF project because all Christians joined hands in the renovation of the Cathedral.

  1. 2015: Construction of a new Centenary Bank Building in Kisoro

    New Centenary Bank Building Kisoro

  2. 2016: Construction of the Diocesan Golden Jubilee office block.

    Diocesan Golden Jubilee Office Block

  3. 2017: Establishment of Radio Maria, Kabale.

    Radio Maria, Kabale

  4. 2018: Boosting Shareholding in Centenary Bank


  1. 2019: Construction of Centenary Bank Regional Office in Kabale Town.
  2. 2020: Construction of Centenary Bank building for Rukungiri.
  3. 2021: Completion of the building on Plot 10 Mbarara Road, Kabale Town.

BAAF Account

BAAF Project has an account in Centenary Bank with the following details:

Account Name: Kabale Diocese Bishop’s Annual Appeal Fund

Account Number: 7020418791

Bank: Centenary Bank

Branch: Kabale


All people of good will are encouraged to feel free to make direct deposits/transfers to the account and then inform the Financial Administrator for acknowledgement and a receipt.

For further information, contact the following:

1. Fr Henry Barekye,

Financial Administrator,

Tel. 0774319592.

2. Fr Ambrose Mugisha,

Assistant Financial Administrator,

Tel. 0772634027 / 706643534.


3. Dr Peter Ngategize,

Chairman BAAF Steering Committee,

Tel. 0772824718.

4. Mr Odo Tumukwasiibwe,

Chairman BAAF Secretarial Committee,

Tel. 0701028499 / 0772524948.

5. Mr. George Owakukiroru,

Secretary BAAF Secretariat,

Tel. 0701960082 / 0786644066.

6. Mr Kennedy Rwaboona,

Coordinator Kabale District,

Tel. 0772448379.

7. Mr Abaho John Bosco,

Cordinator Rukiga District,

Tel. 0774364359.

8. Mr Wenceslas Maanige,

Coordinator Rukungiri District,

Tel. 0786867991.

9. Mr. Vincent Mugisha,

Coordinator Kanungu district,

Tel. 0772551814.

10. Hon. Henry Musasizi,

Coordinator Rubanda district,

Tel. 0772613656.

11 Fr. Joseph Sebatware,

Coordinator Kisoro district,

Tel. 0772613656.

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